Fluker’s Freeze Dried Insects – Mealworms, 1.7 Oz


Mealworms, 1.7oz
  • Crickets

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  • Grasshoppers, 1oz

    9 options from $5.06
  • Mealworms, 1.7oz

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  • River Shrimp, 1oz

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  • Soldierworms, 2.2oz

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Brand Fluker’s
Flavor Mealworms, 1.7oz
Target Species Insects
Item Form Frozen
Specific Uses for Product Canned Food for Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Small Animals

About this item

  • Healthy Snack For Reptiles, Birds, Tropical Fish, Hedgehogs And Sugar Gliders
  • Packed With Protein, Essential Nutrients And Vitamins
  • Convenient Way To Feed Your Pet Natural Prey Without The Hassle Of Dealing With Live Prey Items
  • Adds Variety To Your Pets Diet
  • Stay-Fresh Lid Maintains Freshness


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